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A variety of aroma appliances

A variety of aroma appliances

Aromatherapy-type aromatherapy appliances have become more and more popular in the market in recent years, mainly in the following categories:

1, point wax heating aromatherapy bottle. This kind of aroma bottle is cheap, but buyers should pay attention: the vast majority of aromatherapy oils that are marketed with this kind of aromatherapy bottle are essential oils, not plant essential oils. Inhalation of essential oils for the human body does not have any physical effect. If only a few yuan of the so-called aromatherapy oil, it must be flavor manufacturing, it is recommended not to use more.

2, plug in fragrance lamp. The condition of this fragrance lamp market is similar to that of wax heating.

3, atomized fragrance seat. The atomizing effect of this aromatherapy seat is actually an atomizer added. The atomized gas is the atomized gas of water, not the essential oil, and the essential oil that drops into the aroma block is mainly the steaming method. The principle goes into space.

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