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A variety of aroma appliances Section2

4, swing aromatherapy. This type of aromatherapy device has been introduced from abroad in recent years and it accelerates the distribution of essential oils by means of physical rocking. Also because this technology is still in the development stage, many brands of wobblers have the problem of buzzing.

5, no fire aroma bottle. Is the use of non-fire aromatherapy head dark-burning plant isopropanol, so that aromatherapy tips for a long time to maintain a certain temperature for the distribution of essential oils. This aromatherapy appliance has been introduced for several years. Now the production technology of Ruitou has been perfected. Because no fire aroma is currently the most high-end product in aromatherapy appliances, most manufacturers who sell oil-free aromatherapy oils on the market will use genuine plant oils and vegetable isopropanol products, which can be used with confidence.

6, cold mist type aromatherapy device. This aromatherapy device uses the principle of ultrasound, and the core component is an ultrasonic atomization head. As essential oils have a certain degree of corrosivity, the interior of the aromatherapy device must be made of anti-corrosion materials, such as ABS plastic and copper atomized rings. The materials used in humidifiers are common materials and are not resistant to essential oils; essential oil solutions. The surface tension of pure water is very different from that of pure water. This requires different frequencies for the atomization energy. The effect of atomizing the water humidifier to atomize the essential oil solution is not good.

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