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Absorption of magnetic ring

Absorption of magnetic ring, also known as ferrite ring, referred to as magnetic ring. It is an anti-interference component commonly used in electronic circuits and has a good suppressing effect on high-frequency noise. It is generally made of ferrite material (Mn-Zn). The magnetic ring has different impedance characteristics at different frequencies. Generally, the impedance is very small at low frequencies. When the signal frequency rises, the impedance exhibited by the magnetic ring rises sharply. As we all know, the higher the signal frequency, the easier it is to radiate (to buy a high-quality computer chassis is also to reduce the electromagnetic leakage), and the general signal line is no shielding, then these signal lines become a good antenna , Receive all kinds of messy high-frequency signals in the surrounding environment, and these signals are superimposed on the originally transmitted signal, and even change the original useful signal. Under the action of the magnetic ring, normal and useful signals can be passed very well, and the passage of high-frequency interference signals can be well suppressed, and the cost is low. Therefore, it is not surprising that people look at the plastic signal line, USB cable, and even the high-grade keyboard and mouse.

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