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EN60598 European safety standard

EN60598 Lamps European safety standard general requirements and test one: Definition 1 Lamp LUMINAIRE Any device that can distribute, reveal or change the light emitted by one or more light sources, and includes the corresponding auxiliary parts. 2 The main parts of the lamp MAIN PART (OF LUMINAIRE) Parts that are fixed or directly hung on or directly on the mounting surface. 3 ORDINARY lamps provide protection for live parts but do not have a special IP rating. 4 General purpose lamps GENER lamps not designed for special purpose 5. ADJUSTBLE Adjustable Fixtures ADJUSTBLE Fixtures, lifts, telescoping tubes, or similar fixtures that can be used to rotate or move the main components of a fixture. 6 Basic fixtures BASIC LUMINAIRE Lamps assembled from a minimum of parts, and conform to a variety of fixtures FIXED LUMINAIRE fixed fixtures cannot be easily moved from one place to another. They can only be moved by means of tools or are not easily accessible. 8 Removable lamps PORTABLE in normal use , Luminaires can be moved from one place to another when connected to a power source. 9 Recessed Fixtures RECESSED LUMINAIRE Manufactory Designation Full or partially embedded in the surface of the mounting fixture. 10 RATED VOLTAGE rated voltage specified by the manufacturer lamp supply voltage.

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