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how to choose the turns number

The entire bundle of cables is passed through a ferrite core to form a common mode choke coil. If desired, the cable can also be wound around the magnet ring a few turns. The more the number of turns, the better the suppression effect on the lower frequency interference and the weaker effect on the noise with the higher frequency. In actual engineering, the number of turns of the magnetic ring must be adjusted according to the frequency characteristics of the interference current. Generally, when the frequency band of the interference signal is relatively wide, two magnetic rings can be set on the cable, each of which surrounds a different number of turns, so that high-frequency interference and low-frequency interference can be suppressed at the same time. From the mechanism of the common mode choke, the greater the impedance, the more obvious the interference suppression effect. The impedance of the common mode choke coil comes from the common mode inductance Lcm=jwLcm. It is not difficult to see from the formula that for a certain frequency of noise, the larger the inductance of the magnetic ring, the better. But the actual situation is not the case, because there are parasitic capacitances on the actual magnetic ring, and its existence is in parallel with the inductance. When a high-frequency interference signal is encountered, the capacitive reactance of the capacitor is small, and the inductance of the magnetic ring is short-circuited, thereby causing the common mode choke coil to lose its function.

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