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Intelligent lighting system features

As a core subsystem of a smart city, the city smart lighting system uses wireless Zigbee, WiFi, GPRS and other Internet of Things and IT technology to achieve remote single light switch, dimming, detection and other control functions, opened up a city lighting "management of energy The new chapter.

This system integrates street lighting, tunnel lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lighting, school institution lighting and other lighting systems, and uses a unified platform for management. This system is an open system, with various access methods reserved, which can further create a smart city “cloud” system.

System Features:

1, loop control and control box door open alarm, flood alarm;

2, loop current, voltage, power factor, power detection, etc.;

3, single light switch and dimming;

4, single lamp current, voltage, power factor, power and temperature detection;

5, according to the weather conditions and the actual light, to achieve the automatic opening, closing and adjusting


6, flexible lighting combination management, precise control of each lamp;

7, on-site management functions

8, preset management functions

9. Automatic and power-off operations can be performed every day; workdays and holidays can be guaranteed to be automatically turned on and off at different times; the power equipment can be used for partitioning, sub-line management, or separate management;

10, integrated wireless meter reading function, lay the foundation for energy management;

11. Monitor the opening, closing and brightness of the lamps, thereby significantly extending the useful life of the lamps, reducing the number of lamp replacements, saving resources, and reducing harmful gas pollution.

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