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non-fired aromatherapy

The use of non-fired aromatherapy is the most advanced of all aromatherapy appliances on the market! The main reasons are as follows:

1, beautiful. The non-fired aromatherapy bottles are very beautiful works of art, glass, ceramics, etc., and the metal cover is very beautiful.

2, security. It does not have potential Anjin hidden dangers of burning candles or plugged in aromatherapy appliances.

3, aromatherapy good effect. This is also the most important. This is mainly due to the fact that non-fire aromatherapy essential oils are mostly made from real essential oils, and there are few fakes. In addition, the essential oil can be distributed through the tip of a certain temperature to enable the essential oil to enter the air more quickly and produce phytoncide and olfactory oxygen. Also, the dark flame of isopropanol emits disinfecting alcohol into the space. Therefore, the use of non-fire aromatherapy can make the effect of essential oils more obvious, and it also has the advantages of anti-mildew, removing phlegm, and improving air quality, which is very beneficial to health.

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