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Road lighting program

At present, the degree of informatization of urban road lighting management in China is still relatively low. System management software based on the Internet of things and cloud computing provides a comprehensive solution for the informationization of street lighting management departments.

1. Automatic inspection of street lights: The monitoring center can perform automatic inspection of street lamps with street lamp monitors installed, check for faults, and automatically generate repair reports;

2态Street light check and control: The function of turning on, off, and adjusting the brightness of the street light with the street light monitor installed in real time, or a preset control scheme, makes the street light turn on according to a preset scheme.

3, equipment management: The lamppost, lamps, wires, control boxes, transformers, meters, switches, monitors and other street light equipment to achieve computer information management, with equipment installation, scrap, maintenance, replacement, access to the library and other functions.

4. Multimedia function: With image library management function and video management function, the management is more visual, visualized and affinitized.

5, GIS geographic information system: with terrain, facility space, administrative divisions, neighborhoods, roads, buildings, water systems, pipe ditch, street light circuit, control lines, laying conditions and other functions.

6, auxiliary analysis module: with statistics, reports, analysis, query, load calculation, real-time meter reading, electricity analysis, cable length calculation and other functions.

7, Web information release module: seamless integration with the site, remote management capabilities.

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