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Testing method of Manet Ring

1 The appearance of the magnetic ring can be checked visually under normal lighting conditions.

2 The outer dimensions of the magnetic ring are checked under normal lighting conditions with vernier calipers with an accuracy of 0.02 mm.

3 The composite factor of the magnetic ring is measured with the "CF-3A Magnetic Ring Separator". The excitation current is set to 2.5A and the frequency is 40KHz.

The 4 ring inductance of the 4 magnetic ring is measured at a frequency of 1 KHz using the "YD2810D LCR digital bridge".

5 The induced electromotive force of the magnetic ring was measured under the specified conditions using "UI100 type high-frequency power source" and "UI9720 dynamic analysis system for magnetic materials".

6 The magnetic ring Curie point is measured with the "YD2810D LCR Digital Bridge" and a precision oven.

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