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AC DC Power Adapter Loss Will Be Low

AC DC Power Adapter At present, our common router comes with the power adapter are mostly AC output, DC output almost no. So what is the exchange with the DC which is more advantages? Common AC power adapter (hereinafter referred to as AC power) appearance is usually accompanied by the AC symbol, DC power adapter (hereinafter referred to as DC power supply) is DC. AC adapter is mainly through the internal power transformer to complete the conversion output, DC adapter is composed of internal rectifier circuit.

AC DC Power Adapter At present, the common AC power adapter on the router has a copper core (wire package). Work, the power consumption will be useless power loss, line package power input voltage range is very narrow, AC DC Power Adapter can not adapt to a variety of use of the environment. The common DC power supply is the adapter (such as mobile phone charger, also known as DC switching power supply) is the internal rectifier IC chip plus filter circuit, the loss will be much lower.

AC DC Power Adapter The same 9V500mA output specifications of the DC switching power supply and AC line package power supply. It can be seen that in the case of no-load, the power loss of the DC power supply is only 0.49W, while the AC power is up to 1.59W. The difference between the two 1.59-0.49 = 1.1W. The no-load loss of the AC power supply is 1.59 / 0.49 = 3.24 times the DC power supply! Connected to the test of the wireless router, we can see that this gap continues to expand, DC power plus the router's overall power consumption is only 4.59W, and AC power connected to the router after the 6.06W. 6.06-4.59 = 1.47W. Compared to the no load of 1.1W. And if the power consumption of the machine itself increases, this gap will continue to expand further. It can be seen, in the case of the same power,AC DC Power Adapter  DC switching power supply with small size, light weight, low loss, power density and other advantages. In particular, the switching power supply itself has a wide input voltage, high precision regulator, over-current over-voltage, short circuit protection and other functions. It is precisely because of the above advantages, so now most of the electronic product power adapter solutions are used DC switching power supply output.

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