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Application Of Lithium Battery In Mobile Phone

      Lithium batteries can be broadly divided into two types: lithium-metal batteries and lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do not contain metal-state lithium, and can be recharged. The fifth generation lithium-metal battery of rechargeable Battery was born in 1996, its safety, specific capacity, self-discharge rate and performance price ratio were better than lithium-ion battery. With its own High-tech requirements Limited, only a handful of companies are now producing lithium-metal batteries.Lithium Battery
     Ni-CD Battery (NI-CD), the earliest laptops are all using Ni-CD batteries (NI-CD), because the battery technology is not advanced at that time, Ni-CD battery has a lot of headaches, such as: large volume, weight, small capacity, short life, memory effects and so on (to my impression is not a virgin). These are undoubtedly against the lightweight, fast performance the laptop pursues. Ni-CD battery has been eliminated, the notebook and nickel cadmium broke, and then mention it is not too much necessary.Lithium Battery
     Ni-MH batteries, NiMH batteries are currently the most environmentally friendly batteries, environmentally friendly countries have vigorously advocated the use of Ni-MH batteries, because it is easy to recycle and reuse, and the environmental damage is minimal. But there are some drawbacks to NiMH batteries compared to lithium. The charge time is long, the weight is heavier, the capacity also is smaller than the lithium battery, but also has the memory effect. Its memory, although not as large as Ni-CD battery, but still need to discharge, users must be exhausted after recharging. But Ni-MH battery can reach more than 700 times, some good quality products charge and discharge up to 1200 times, longer than lithium battery and the price is also very popular.Lithium Battery
     Lithium-ion Battery (Li-ion), polymer lithium two times lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery has long ago, when it is not very safe to use, often in the charge when the burning, burst situation, this may be because the lithium element is too active reason. Later, an improved lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) was added to inhibit the active composition of the lithium element, it is a lithium-ion battery replacement products, its anode can absorb lithium ions of the carbon electrode, when discharging, lithium into lithium ions, out of the battery anode, to reach the cathode lithium-ion battery. When charging, lithium atoms in the cathode are ionized into      lithium ions and electrons, and lithium-ion sun-polar motions and electrons synthesize lithium atoms. During discharge, lithium atoms are ionized from the anode surface of graphite crystals into lithium ions and electrons, and lithium atoms are synthesized at the cathode. Therefore, in the battery lithium ion will always appear in the form of lithium, not in the form of lithium, of course, there will be no burning, explosions and other hazards.Lithium Battery
     Lithium ions move between the anode and the cathode, and the electrode itself does not change. This is essentially the difference between lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries. So that the lithium battery really achieved a safe, efficient and convenient, and the old lithium battery is also eliminated. The method of distinguishing them is also quite simple: the identification of the battery can be identified, the lithium battery is Li, and lithium-ion batteries for Li-ion (N85 and most of the cell phones are lithium-ion batteries, the full name is Li). Polymer lithium Two Lithium-ion batteries (Li-polymer) are said to have at least one or more of these three major structures using polymeric materials as the primary battery system. Lithium Battery
     In terms of shape, two lithium ion batteries can be thin, can be arbitrary area and can be arbitrarily shaped, and so many other advantages, so can be combined with product demand, to make any shape and capacity of the battery. In terms of thickness, the thickness of polymer lithium two times battery is about 2~4mm, and the current lithium-ion battery minimum thickness is 6mm, can reduce at least 50% thickness, can reach the minimum thickness of about Lithium Battery

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