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Autions For The Use Of Car Charger

     Just buy new car drivers, because of the road is not familiar, more rely on mobile phone navigation, which also directly lead to the consumption of mobile phones faster, usually also in the car charge, that in the use of car chargers attention to what? The following let the old driver to popularize the use of car charger attention to the matter!Car Charger
     Precautions to use the car charger: 1. Please be careful not to plug in the car before the car starts, so as to prevent the car from starting the voltage damage to the car charge. 2. When the owner is in use, do not use strong chemical products, cleaning agents, powerful detergent cleaning charger. Because this will seriously damage the function of the car charger. 3. In particular, we should note that in the use of the car charger do not throw, landing, banging or shaking the charger, and when the summer vehicle is stagnant and the car temperature of more than 45 ℃ do not use the charger, this will seriously damage the car charger inside the circuit board. 4. Car Charger As one of the electronic products, owners in the use of the process, should pay attention to not because of careless water or long time to expose in the humid air, which will cause the internal components of the various degrees of corrosion or oxidation. 5. After the vehicle is flameout, the car charger should be unplugged and placed. Although 80% of the vehicles were pulled out of the key after the cigarette was stopped, a portion of the car's cigarette-lit device continued to power up.Car Charger
    Take the USB interface of the car Charger For example, the correct installation method is: 1, the USB power adapter into the car in the cigarette lighter, the indicator is on, then charge. 2, the use of USB cable and conversion connectors, mobile phones, MP3 or standard USB interface products with the car USB power adapter connection can be charged. The car charger is used as the power socket to charge the cell phone directly. Because the car provides low voltage, so the car charger inside only need to have overload protection circuit can. Car Charger Socket Front-end design has an insurance tube, when the current exceeds the overload protection circuit can withstand the fuse immediately fuse, play a protective role.Car Charger
    On-board charger also has the following considerations: 1, must be in the car engine start-up time can be recharged. 2, do not use the car charger in the humid environment. 3, do not store the car charger in the humid environment. 4, the appropriate temperature used is 0-45 ℃. 5. Stay away from children. 6. Avoid lightning strike. 7, fill out the electricity to unplug the plug in time.Car Charger

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