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Battery Principle Of Lithium Battery

      Li-Ion battery principle: lithium-ion battery as a chemical power, the two can be reversibly embedded with the removal of lithium-ion compounds as a positive and negative composition of the two-time battery. When the battery is charged, the lithium ions are removed from the cathode, embedded in the cathode, and the reverse is discharged. Lithium-ion batteries are the crystallization of physics, materials science and chemistry.Lithium Battery
     The physical mechanism involved in lithium-ion batteries is currently explained by embedding Physics in solid physics, and embedding (intercalation) refers to the reversible embedding of movable object particles (molecules, atoms, ions) into the network spaces in the body lattice with the appropriate dimensions. The cathode and cathode materials of the electron transport Lithium ion battery are both ionic and electronic mixed conductor embedded compounds. Electrons can only move in the cathode and anode materials. A wide variety of known embedded compounds, the object particles can be molecules, atoms or ions. While embedding ions, it is required that the main structure be used as charge compensation to maintain the electric neutral. The charge compensation can be realized by the change of the energy band structure of the main material, and the conductivity will change before and after embedding.Lithium Battery
     Lithium-ion battery electrode materials are stable in air and are closely related to this characteristic. The embedded compound can be used as a lithium ion battery electrode material only if it satisfies the reversible structure and compensates for the charge change by structure. Lithium Battery
    Smelting: Process requirements material suppliers to provide material sheet, QC department also to carry out testing, its components and impurities content to meet the process requirements of the processing storage standby. Raw material pretreatment is mainly to remove the surface of the raw materials of pollutants and oxidation layer to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials. Ingredients should be based on different conditions according to the specified indicators to fill some volatile elements such as rare earth, manganese burning loss. The vacuum induction smelting should be filled with argon in 0.1Pa vacuum, the metal melted into alloy at 1300 ℃ high temperature, fast cold ingot to obtain the grain refinement, the microstructure is homogeneous alloy.Lithium Battery

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