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Car Charger The Working Principle Of

Car charger, do you really use it?

Operating principle of Car charger

Car Charger Principle: Converts the 12V voltage of the car-point cigarette socket into a 5V USB voltage and charging the electronic product through the charging line. In general, car charger is the 12V (Sedan 12V, truck 24V) DC conversion to 5-20V DC power to the car mobile device charging, its characteristics for the power consumption, simple and convenient, cheap.

Use considerations

1, Car Charger do not plug in the car before the start-up charge, lest the voltage at the start of the vehicle damage charge.

2, Car Charger the owner in the use of the time, do not use strong chemical products, cleaning agents, washing the charger detergent. This will severely damage the function of the car charger.

3, Car Charger in particular, should pay attention to the use of the car charger will not throw at random, landing, knock or vibration charger, and when the summer vehicle stagnation and the car temperature more than 45 ℃ do not use the charger, this will seriously damage the on-board charger inside the circuit board.

4, Car Charger as one of the electronic products, car owners in the use of the process, should be careful not because of careless water or prolonged exposure to the humid air, this will cause the internal electronic components of their different degrees of corrosion or oxidation.

5, Car Charger the vehicle after flameout should be removed from the car charger. Although 80% of the vehicles are powered by the cigarette after pulling out the key, there is also a portion of the car's cigarette lighter that is powered continuously.

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