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Circuit Output Of Car Charger

In accordance with the use of chargers, can be divided into household-type charger and car chargers, the general mobile phone with the most of the charger is home-type, that is, AC input type; Car Charger is a DC input type charger, it's the appearance of mobile devices to the charging occasions more diverse.Car Charger

Input voltage 12v―36v for charger, Output voltage 5.1v±0.1V, Output current 750ma±50ma. When charging the battery charger, if the charging current is too large, it may cause the battery to overheat, shorten the life and even damage, so it needs constant current (CC) function to realize the precise control of the output current.Car Charger 

In order to ensure that the charger is not due to short-circuit power transmission too large and burned, need short-circuit protection function.Car Charger

Short-circuit protection circuit is the use of a transistor to sample the output voltage, according to the output voltage before and after the state of the change to determine whether short circuit, so as to achieve short-circuit protection.

Car charger is to facilitate car owners with car power anytime and anywhere for digital products charging accessories.Car Charger 

Some high-end car chargers typically include 2 USB ports, which can be recharged at the same time for two digital products. These products generally have overload protection, short-circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four-weight security features to ensure safe use. Car charger in the vehicle at the same time, can also home, to achieve the car charger, direct charge, USB rechargeable multi-purpose multi-purpose use.Car Charger

In order to facilitate the short circuit or not, you can add a light-emitting diode to do the indicator, as shown in Figure 6, after the short circuit, light emitting diode D3 bright, eliminate short-circuit, restart power, the circuit can resume normal work. Short circuit protection design needs to pay attention to two aspects, the first is to avoid short-circuit protection circuit to affect the system start-up, R1, C1 choice to ensure short-circuit protection to start the action time far greater than the system start-up time; the second is to select the appropriate R3 to ensure that R3 addition does not affect the output voltage values set by RA and RB.Car Charger

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