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Composition Of AC DC Power Adapter

       The function of the power adapter is to convert the home high voltage into a stable low voltage that can work, so that they can work properly. Without it, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to our daily use. Power adapter is also called external power supply (switching power adapter), it is a small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances, power supply voltage conversion equipment, it is generated because in real life, electronic devices are often not directly using household electricity, Because the home is using 220 volts of power supply voltage, while the general electronic products generally require a power supply voltage of 5 volts to about 20 volts. So the power adapter's role is critical (module power). With it, we can use these electronic products conveniently and safely.AC DC Power Adapter
      The composition and application of the power adapter: The power adapter is common in small electronic products such as mobile phones, liquid crystal displays and laptop computers. Generally consists of shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into AC output and DC output type, according to the connection can be divided into wall and desktop. It is widely used in telephone machine tools, game consoles, language repetition machines, Walkman, notebook computers, cellular phones and other equipment.AC DC Power Adapter
      Power adapters are widely used in industrial automation control, military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial equipment, communications equipment, power equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration heating, air purifiers, electronic refrigerators, LCD monitors, LED lamps, communications equipment, audio-visual products, security, computer chassis, Digital products and instruments and other fields, and in these areas have a negligible role. So what are the functions of the power adapter?AC DC Power Adapter
     In general, the power adapter works as a transformer and rectifier. Home AC power is 220v, and our computer is DC 12v (as if), so it is possible to be sure that the power adapter is the transformer and rectifier. Adapter is a transformer, then we should know that the AC 220v through Transformers transformer pressure, through the rectifier to DC, here is the consumption, and these consumption will be converted to heat, so the power adapter will be hot is normal. AC DC Power Adapter
     The transformer is made of silicon steel sheet, the transformer after power, the production of magnetic flux, magnetic flux will incur a force between the silicon steel, resulting in a buzzing sound, this is normal. But the sound of the earth is not normal, a lot of reasons: 1, AC voltage instability. 2. Chip breakage. 3. Short circuit between turns. 4, component damage and so on. By the way, the adapter's function is to convert alternating current into a DC electric electronic product.AC DC Power Adapter

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