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Considerations For Power Adapter

Power adapter (hereinafter referred to as the power supply) nominal voltage and current is what does that mean? First, the general power supply nominal voltage, open circuit output voltage refers to, which is outside and do not take any load, when no current output voltage, it can also be understood as this voltage is the power supply output voltage levels.

For internal uses the active power of the power supply components of the case, even if the mains voltage fluctuations, and its output is a constant value on the market like the small transformer, such as Walkman, equipped with power supply, if the mains supply fluctuations, fluctuation of the output of the power supply will not change with it.

General General the true voltage of the power adapter may not be fully consistent and nominal voltage, because the characteristics of electronic components cannot be exactly the same, so there is some error, the error is smaller, higher consistency requirements for electronic components, production costs are high, so the price is expensive.

In addition, the nominal current value, regardless of the power supply has a certain internal resistance, so when the output current of the power supply when the internal pressure drops, leading to two things, one is to generate heat, power supply will be hot, the other is the output voltage decreases, equivalent to internal consumption.

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