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Design Skill Of AC DC Power Adapter

    DC control power supply of power system is an important field of power technology application. With the progress of technology, DC power supply has undergone the change of phase-controlled rectifier, ni-Isolated battery DC-screen VRLA battery, high-frequency switching rectifier module and microcomputer monitoring technology.AC DC Power Adapter

    Standardization of DC power supply in power industry T is a technical committee for the Standardization of High-voltage switchgear in the electric power industry, the Institute of High-voltage Switchgear, China Institute of Electric Power Science, is responsible for drafting and revising the technical standard of DC power supply. Product standards are guidelines for the production of products, standard formulation involves the user's requirements and manufacturing possibilities, it can limit the cattle production of backward products and guide the development of new technologies.AC DC Power Adapter

    In the case of standby mode, an important loss comes from the static loss of the starting circuit, that is, the starting resistor continues to consume current from the large capacitance, resulting in power loss. There are many ways to reduce the starting circuit loss, such as adopting the controller with very low starting current, the integrated starting current source with very low leakage current when turn-off, and connecting the starting circuit to half wave rectifier AC input and so on. This series of devices contains a number of key features to help improve the efficiency of the adapter and reduce the performance consumption.AC DC Power Adapter

    The general controller needs to start the resistor to start the controller from the rectifier AC line voltage, and during normal operation, the starting resistor also continues to consume power. In comparison, the NCP1237/38/87/88 series controller is built into a field-effect tube (FET), which is used as a high-voltage current source. AC DC Power Adapter

   When the AC voltage is applied to the adapter, the current source is powered by the VCC capacitor of the controller. This high-voltage start-up circuit is closed under normal operating conditions (at which time the bias voltage is provided by the Flyback auxiliary windings to save power), and the power consumption is very low, and the controller does not need to start the resistor to help reduce the energy consumption, reduce the number of components and save the space of the circuit board.AC DC Power Adapter

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