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Digital Camera Lithium Battery

            From the following netizens put forward the phenomenon, your battery is very likely to scrap! Lithium battery Because of no memory, there is no need to like ordinary 5th Ni-MH Rechargeable battery, charging before to discharge! Lithium battery is not used to recharge, when the camera prompts the battery is insufficient, it can be recharged, its life depends mainly on the number of charges, generally 600 times around. Lithium battery because of the internal resistance is very small, can not use short-circuit method of discharge (even if ordinary 5th Ni-MH Rechargeable battery discharge also want to string a more than 10 ohm small resistance), otherwise, strong short-circuit discharge current, very likely to make the battery serious fever, electrode burnout, resulting in battery scrap.Lithium Battery

           Now digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, such as the use of lithium-ion batteries are smart charging, manuals are prompted, generally 3-5 hours (time varies) full automatic stop, there is no need to like some people to mislead what the previous several times each secondary charge of more than 10 hours, and recharge before to put the net electricity! That's not the right thing to say.Lithium Battery

            Lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries and so full of dots, after full of electricity, its no-load situation (not work), generally higher than the nominal voltage 15%--20% around, this is the normal phenomenon, with the increase in the number of charges, hundreds of times later, gradually reduced, charging time also shortened, until the battery aging, charging not into the electricity, that is, battery scrap.Lithium Battery

            I50 is 3.7V Lithium battery, full of electricity, in the case of no-load, with multimeter measurement voltage should be in 4.2v-4.5V or so, like just bought 1.5V new battery, should be greater than 1.5V, around 1.6V. If the I50 is 3.7V Lithium battery Full electric multimeter measuring voltage is only 3.7V or less than 3.7V, the battery loaded into the equipment (such as digital camera), full load (circuit work), the voltage dropped sharply, causing the device can not work, in fact, the battery has no electricity!Lithium Battery

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