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Do You Know What Is The Real Car Charger?


1. Computer automatically protects the chip, no matter where can be used with confidence, for your equipment to provide the perfect protection when charging.

2. Car charger plug structure, built-in fuse, over-voltage current is too large, the fuse automatically fuse, protect the machine safety.

3. Car charger head and USB interface, support a variety of USB interface power output.Car Charger

4. Charge the IPhone / ipad via the power output connector.

   Car Charger Car cigarette lighter as a power outlet directly for the phone charge. As the car provides a low voltage, so the car charger only need to have overload protection circuit inside. Car charger socket front-end design has a fuse, when the current exceeds the overload protection circuit can withstand the range, the fuse immediately fuse, play a protective role. Note: must be in the car when the engine can start charging! On the car charger, there are the following note:

1, do not use the car charger in a humid environment

Car Charger

2, do not put the car charger stored in a humid environment

3, the use of the appropriate temperature of 0-45 ℃

4, away from children

5, to avoid lightning

6, fully charged to pull out the plug in time

   Therefore, for security reasons, we must buy a regular brand, buy genuine, poor quality products prone to security risks. Car charger is also divided into two kinds of direct charge and cradle. You can choose to buy the cradle, that is, the battery removed to charge, to avoid instability due to vehicle power, the voltage output peak high to burn the phenomenon of the phone, to burn is to burn the battery, reduce losses. There are a variety of car chargers available on the market.

GPS positioning, R & D and production with a GPS positioning function

Of the car charger, you can achieve real-time tracking, historical track playback, parking point query, crash alarm, speed alarm and geographic fence alarm and other functions, with monitoring platform, you can access the platform through mobile phones and computers, and provide mobile terminal APP download, Positioning, for young people like to play microblogging and Zijia You, on the phone side to add a "share" button, you can choose a period of time driving trajectory, used to share with friends, very practical.Car Charger

USB interface, car charger can not only through the car adapter, cigarette lighter for mobile phones and other charges, and can be through the computer's USB interface for mobile phones and other charges.

1.500 mA fast charge, two ways to charge the phone: car 12V or 24V power supply, and computer USB interface.

This product supports mobile phones, and USB interface, MP3 and MP4 to charge, can be directly car charging, you can also use the computer to charge, the maximum current of 500 mA, can quickly give the phone full of electricity, the best choice for emergency.Car Charger

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