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Fault Detection Method Of AC DC Power Adapter

Working principle in reality we are exposed to the power adapter is mostly switching power supply. Switching power supply refers to the adoption of modern electronic technology, control switch tube opening and turn-off time ratio, to maintain a stable output voltage of a power supply, the power adapter switching power supply is generally pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET composition, benefits: high conversion efficiency, small size, you can work in a wide range of voltage. Insufficient: Trouble-shooting is more difficult, the interference of power circuit is larger.AC DC Power Adapter

Common faults and troubleshooting methods. Line fault line fault, including power line damage is not power, contact mouth oxidation contact and so on. The emphasis is on checking the input line and the output line for power. If the line fault, can be solved by replacing the power cord. The output voltage is too low below the main cause of the low output voltage: Switching power supply load short-circuit fault (especially the short circuit or bad performance of DC/AC converter, etc.), at this time, first disconnect all the load of the switching power supply circuit, check is the switching power supply circuit failure or the load circuit.AC DC Power Adapter If the load circuit is disconnected and the voltage output is normal, the load is too heavy; the switch power supply circuit is faulty. The output voltage end filter Capacitor or rectifier diode failure, etc., can be judged by the substitution method. The performance of the switch tube is reduced, which leads to the failure of the switch tube to lead to the normal resistance of the power supply and the load capacity. Switching transformers, not only caused by the output voltage drop, at the same time caused by the switch tube excitation is not enough to damage the switch tube 5 300V filter Capacitor poor, resulting in a poor load capacity, a load output voltage will be reduced.AC DC Power Adapter

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