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Full Introduction To Lithium Battery Application Program

               We understand the principle of charging and discharging work, we should master the correct charge, discharge method, only the correct way to improve the battery life (that is, cycle charge, discharge times) and as far as possible to improve the battery capacity, but also not to make the cathode branch of the battery, so that the lithium battery application scheme is worth our learning.Lithium Battery

               I. Classification and composition of lithium batteries: lithium-ion battery because of its electrolyte state is different, can be divided into liquid lithium-ion batteries (such as ICR18650 lithium batteries), gel polymer Lithium-ion batteries (such as our commonly used cell phone batteries) and all solid-state lithium-ion batteries (electrolytes for the full curing of polymer colloid).Lithium Battery

               The world material thousands, why everyone is keen on lithium-ion production batteries, rather than iron, aluminum and other materials? That is because: first, lithium is the lightest metal element, the proportion of water is only 1/2, and the proportion of lithium metal only aluminum 1/5; second, Lithium's electronegativity for all metals, 1g lithium decomposition into lithium ions, can be converted into 3.5-4. Effective charge of 0Ah; third, the reduction of lithium ion potential can reach -3v, its working voltage can reach 3V above. The above-mentioned excellent quality is beyond the reach of other metal materials.Lithium Battery

               Lithium-ion battery mainly by the cathode (lithium compounds, such as: LiCoO2, LiFePO4, LiMnO2, ternary, etc.), negative (carbon materials, such as artificial graphite, natural graphite, etc., diaphragm (single-layer PE or three-layer composite pp+pe+pp), electrolyte (soluble LiPF6, LiAsF6, such as the organic solution of lithium salt), positive ear, negative ear, protection Board, packaging shell, welding piece, wire, Plug and so on.Lithium Battery

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