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Interchangeable Plugs AC Bring Convenience

Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter User: plug the power supply without electricity meter also "go word

In fact, many users questioned the meter was accelerated, the problem is mostly plug the power supply without electricity, the meter billing situation. There are users to reflect the previous use of the old table, plug the power but not electrical appliances, Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter the meter is not "go word"; but now use the new meter, plug the power supply does not use electrical appliances, the meter also "go word". This situation makes them feel the cost of electricity is very innocent.

Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter Smart meter high sensitivity of home appliances standby power consumption

For users of the new meter "turn fast" question, the State Grid Tianjin Electrician Academy experts explained that the smart meter than the old meter measurement more accurate, higher sensitivity, increased power for home appliances standby power consumption.

Hainan power grid company's staff also said that compared with the old meter, the smart meter can detect the old meter can not detect the current. As the previous mechanical watch with the increase in the number of years, in which mechanical parts will produce wear and tear,Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter resulting in meter sensitivity decreased, it can not spend some of the weak current consumption at home; and smart meters using electronic chip measurement,Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter the accuracy is generally not due to service life Increase and reduce, which makes a lot of residents put on the smart meter after the home appliances rise in the illusion.

Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter In addition, the old mechanical watch need a certain starting current, so in the plug, TV standby, etc., the meter will not "go word". But the new meter by pulse number display, home appliances standby plugs, will "go word".

Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter Last year, CCTV news has reported a test of the Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Electric Power. Test results show that: in standby mode, television, washing machines, hanging air-conditioning monthly power consumption were 0.5 degrees, Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter 0.29 degrees and 0.86 degrees. If coupled with TV set-top boxes, water heaters and other large power consumption, the monthly will be a lot of electricity due to standby electrical appliances and consumption in vain.

There is no doubt that you can apply for monitoring

Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter In addition to plug the power supply without electricity caused by differences in billing reasons, there are some users that: because the parties deliberately to "meter", which led to the rise in electricity.

Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter Metering products need to be measured, must comply with the relevant laws and regulations. The relevant technical supervision departments will also from time to time to the enterprise surprise inspection, direct sampling line or packaging end, finished library inside the meter. Once found unqualified, for the enterprise is the disaster, companies can not take risks to do such a thing.

In addition, the state in the quality of the meter on the control in addition to the three must pass within the enterprise, the quality supervision departments in the external supervision also has three off. In accordance with the provisions of the national measurement method, Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter each meter after the factory must be assigned to the quality supervision designated third party testing agencies for verification.

And for the meter failure caused by speculation that electricity prices, an electrician Institute of measurement and technical personnel said that in their daily work,Interchangeable Plugs AC/DC Power Adapter really encountered a few new meter failure situation. "If the public has specific questions, you can go to the professional testing department to monitor.

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