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Introduction Of The Charger

Chargers: mobile power charging treasure, actually is a stable power supply (mainly regulated power supply, providing a stable operating voltage and current enough) with the necessary constant flow, pressure limiting, limit control circuit.

Original charger (linear charger) shown on the output parameters: for example, o 5.0V/1A, o 5.0V/1500mA-11200 ... ... Refers to the internal power supply of the relevant parameters. Understand this truth, you will know a (good quality) mobile phone charger can easily be converted into a high quality power supply!

Cell phone lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery charger adopts constant current limiting voltage charging system charging current C2----that is around two hours charging rate, 250mA 500mAh battery charge about two hours up to 4. 2V and constant-voltage charge.

Lion batteries are not suitable for-DV/DT detection with the superior fast charger NIMH battery fast-charge mode, because the lion battery charge current has a strict limit. lithium-ion (Li+) very lively, high current charging is very prone to danger.

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