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Introduction To The Related Knowledge Of Lithium Battery

Self-discharge is also known as the capacity to maintain the charge, it is in the open circuit state, the battery storage capacity under a certain environmental conditions. Generally speaking, self-discharge is one of the main parameters to measure the performance of the battery, which is influenced by the manufacturing process, material and storage condition.Lithium Battery

Generally speaking, the lower the battery storage temperature, self-discharge rate also lower, but should also pay attention to the temperature is too low or too high can cause battery damage can not be used, BYD conventional battery requirements storage temperature range of -20~45. Battery is full of electric open circuit for a period of time, a certain degree of self-discharge belongs to the normal phenomenon.Lithium Battery

The battery's internal resistance refers to the battery at work, current flow through the internal resistance of the battery, generally divided into AC internal resistance and DC resistance, because the rechargeable battery resistance is very small, the DC resistance measurement due to the electrode capacity polarization, resulting in polarization internal resistance, it is not possible to measure its true value, and measuring its AC resistance can be exempted from the influence of polarization To derive the true inner value. AC Internal Resistance test method is: the use of battery equivalent to an active resistor characteristics, give the battery a 1000HZ, 50mA of the constant current, the voltage sampling rectification filter, such as a series of processing to accurately measure its resistance.Lithium Battery

In all environmental factors, the temperature has the most effect on the charge and discharge performance of the battery, the electrochemical reaction on the electrode/electrolyte interface is related to the ambient temperature, and the electrode/electrolyte interface is regarded as the heart of the battery The power output of the battery also drops. If the temperature rises, the opposite is true.Lithium Battery

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