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Lithium Battery Knowledge Analysis

Polymer lithium-ion battery, in the charging process is prone to short circuit conditions. Including: internal short circuit, external short circuit and so on. Although most lithium-ion batteries are now equipped with anti-short circuit protection circuit, as well as explosion-proof line, but in many cases, the protection circuit in various circumstances may not work, explosion-proof line can play a very limited role The Do not charge the polymer lithium-ion battery charge, if the charging time is too long, the possibility of expansion will increase.Lithium Battery

Lithium chemical properties are very lively, very easy to burn, when the battery charge and discharge, the battery continued to heat up, the activation process of gas expansion, the battery pressure increases, the pressure to a certain extent, such as the shell scars, , Causing leakage, fire, and even explosion. While the polymer lithium-ion battery will only expand.Lithium Battery

The real power supply is the source of the battery plastic shell in the lithium-ion battery cell, but because the lithium-ion batteries, "soft old" features, such as over-war over, large current discharge, short circuit, etc. Do all the lithium-ion batteries will cause great damage. So the protection of the line is subject to the above is very regular to do when the real-time cut off the circuit to protect the lithium-ion batteries.Lithium Battery

Is to protect the loop by a device, as shown above Fuse, is the fuse. It is connected in the battery is the circuit, it is used to protect the line is the case of deadline, as the last anti-days, over-current or under the temperature of the lithium-ion battery to stop cutting off the action, the Fuse is divided into a one-time fuse according to the work of the work (like the kind of home under the meter) war can restore the fuse (also known as PTC).Lithium Battery

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