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Lithium Battery The Working Principle Of

Lithium Battery The structure of lithium batteries

Lithium Battery The lithium batteries are structurally five large: cathode, cathode, electrolyte, diaphragm, shell and electrode lead.

Lithium Battery At present, the more commonly used lithium battery materials are lithium cobalt, nickel acid lithium and lithium manganese oxide. The most used materials are lithium cobalt acid, the cycling performance is good, manufacturing is also convenient, the disadvantage is that the price of cobalt compounds is more expensive. Lithium nickel acid because of the nature of instability, manufacturing difficulties, often used more is lithium cobalt-doped nickel compounds, also known as nickel cobalt lithium. Lithium manganese acid is also a very good material, at high temperature the attenuation of lithium manganese dioxide is faster and so on many reasons, the majority of the application is still in the laboratory stage.

Lithium Battery The structure of lithium batteries mainly divide the winding type and cascade type two main categories. The liquid lithium battery adopts winding structure, and the polymer lithium batteries are both. The winding type will be the cathode diaphragm, diaphragm, cathode diaphragm in turn, winding into cylindrical or flat column, mainly to SANYO, TOSHIBA, Sony, ATL as the representative. Cascade stack the positive, diaphragm, cathode, diaphragm, positive pole in such a way. The cathode is welded together, and the cathode is also welded together, mainly as an ATL representative.

Lithium Battery Working principle of lithium batteries

Lithium Battery When charging, the lithium ion is removed from the cathode lattice by the electric field, and is embedded in the cathode lattice by the electrolyte.

Lithium Battery When discharging, the process is opposite to the lithium ion return to the positive pole, the electron through the electric appliance reaches the cathode and the lithium ion compound.

Proper use of lithium batteries

1, Lithium Battery according to the standard time and procedures to recharge, even the first three times to do so;

2, Lithium Battery when the phone number of low power prompts, should try to start charging in time;

3, Lithium Battery lithium battery activation does not require special methods, the normal use of mobile phone lithium batteries will naturally activate. If you insist on using the "first three 12-hour long charging activation" method, it will not actually have effect.

Lithium Battery Therefore, all the pursuit of 12-hour long charging and the use of lithium battery cell phone to shut down the automatic, is wrong. If you have done the wrong way before, please correct it in time, perhaps it is not too late.

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