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New Design And Application Of Usb Wall Charger

    The input connections of many portable devices are also switched from proprietary schemes to miniature USB sockets; The standard release of the USB power supply (rev 1.0 $day 2012) is more adaptable to the latest power requirements for USB ports on portable devices. These are urgently needed technical solutions that can improve energy efficiency and meet these requirements. The new ncp185x series switching battery charging scheme has been introduced to promote energy-efficient innovation, which helps design engineers to respond to the fast charging challenge of high-capacity batteries in portable devices and to help optimize the user experience.usb wall charger

    Using novel automatic input current limiter (AICL) technology to realize the charge and discharge management of rechargeable batteries is very important for the rationality and reliability of portable equipment design. One of the challenges of battery charging and discharging is the need for strong, high energy efficiency and fast charging time to meet the requirements of today's high-performance, space-constrained applications. High-capacity batteries require a larger charge current to shorten the charging time.usb wall charger

    Traditional linear battery charging mode (including pulse mode) has low efficiency and large heating capacity under large current. Compared to linear solutions, the switching charging scheme has obvious advantages, such as converting more energy from input to output, working more energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption and simplifying handset design; The input source is subject to a limited period (such as a 5 V, a MA USB port charge), which provides a larger current. Combined with these advantages, the charging speed of the switching battery charging device can be 30% faster than that of the linear battery charger.usb wall charger

   Because devices such as mobile phones do not know the load current capability of the power adapter or USB port used by the user, the charging management device must have the capability of detecting the load current of the adapter or USB port to ensure that the mobile device works under safe current conditions. After the charge is finished, the charging management device should disconnect from the system and the system will take power from the external source and the system only takes power from the battery when the external power supply is removed.usb wall charger

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