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Product Characteristics Of Usb Wall Charger

    USB charging multi-function combination socket, in the power supply combination than the traditional socket to meet modern demand for electricity. This socket integrates common power outlets and USB power outlets, combines AC power and DC power supply to provide power for both ordinary and USB-port appliances. USB rechargeable multi-functional combination sockets In addition to the creative design, but also the stability of excellent quality, can be used in a variety of public and private occasions, office buildings, hotels, villas, apartments and ordinary household can be used. USB Charging multi-function combination socket installation is simple, and the same as ordinary socket installation, can be installed in the wall or desktop and so on.usb wall charger
   Product Features: 1, creatively will be common power sockets and USB DC power supply socket combination, save the trouble of carrying USB charger or computer USB power supply 2, concise fashion, international popular Hale Line Design perfect interpretation of modern aesthetics, suitable for all decorative style
3, panel selection of imported high-quality PC material, high toughness, high impact, flame retardant performance 4, Socket copper tablets using high-quality phosphor bronze, high strength, good elasticity, no deformation, high conductivity 5, can be opened USB protection door, both to protect the role of USB interface, but also USB power switch. Open the protection door to connect the USB charging power, shut off the USB power supply, save no-load Power 6, Socket hole protection door, the use of double protection door design, to prevent single pole insertion, protection of family Security 7, Low-power LED charge indicator 8, with multi-function 220V socket, can be used in conjunction with plugs around the world.usb wall charger
   In the mobile phone and other electronic products have become an "electronic organ" era, stylish you must have a number of digital products, which are naturally to the mobile phone, tablet computers and other electronic products charge. Before the cell phone, such as charging always need to plug into the larger power plugs on the socket, its large size, the old feel inconvenient, and even touch the plug copper chip and the danger of electrocution. As a result, the bull developed a five-hole socket with a USB charge. This socket designed a universal USB charging port, simply plug the original charger USB plug can be recharged, completely get rid of the shackles of the power plug, a data line can be fast, safe charging.usb wall charger

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