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Structural Design Advantages Of Car Charger

The topology design of Circuit main transformation, in various transformation topologies of switching power supply, half Bridge transform is the first choice for the structure design of the adapter because of its advantages such as large output power, simple structure, few switching devices, low cost of realizing the same power transformation and strong resistance to flux imbalance.Car Charger 

The Half-bridge circuit consists of two high voltage capacitors of equal value and larger capacity, which consists of a partial voltage circuit, by controlling the alternating conduction and cutoff of two switch tubes on a bridge arm, producing high-voltage switching pulses on the original side of the transformer, and thus realizing the alternating square wave in the vice side, which realizes the power conversion Car Charger

One of the outstanding advantages of the circuit topology is that the connection of the blocking capacitor has the ability of resisting flux imbalance. Effectively prevent magnetic bias, at the same time the transformer primary side leakage Peak voltage clamp is located in the DC bus voltage, the leakage of the energy stored in the transmission of the bus, rather than the use of resistance components. To completely replace the traditional gasoline with power battery, in addition to improving battery performance, but also to develop a sound auxiliary charging equipment, so constantly improve the charging equipment has become a future charger manufacturer a long-term and arduous task.Car Charger

Greatly simplifies the design of the car charger system; The fixed switching frequency of up to 150kHz inside the chip effectively reduces the volume of the external device (mainly the volume of the filter inductor and the filter capacitor), thus saving the external space; The maximum 3-a current capability enables AP3003 to meet most large-capacity battery charging situations At the same time, the chip also designed a lot of protection circuit, such as limit current protection and over-temperature protection, which makes the chip in the car charger system is more safe and reliable application.Car Charger

On-board Charger's input voltage 12v―36v, Output voltage 5.1v±0.1V, Output current 750ma±50ma. When charging the battery charger, if the charging current is too large, it may cause the battery to overheat, shorten the life and even damage, so it needs constant current (CC) function to realize the precise control of the output current. In order to ensure that the charger is not due to short-circuit power transmission too large and burned, need short-circuit protection function.Car Charger

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