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Technical Problems Of AC DC Power Adapter

The power adapter is a power conversion device for small portable equipment and electronic appliances, which is widely used in electronic products and information equipment such as telephone machine, portable computer, game machine, language repetition, mobile phone and so on. Power adapter generally by the shell, power transformers and rectifier circuit and other parts, a wide range of power adapter, including AC and AC/DC power converters, chargers and other products.AC DC Power Adapter

Marking should contain important information that guides the user to install and use correctly, and marking the product correctly is one of the basic measures to ensure the safety of users ' personal property. Marking requirements durable and eye-catching, after the normal use of the mark should not fall off, the content should be cleaned to distinguish.AC DC Power Adapter

Domestic sales of products require the use of Simplified Chinese logo, at least include the following information: the manufacturer or Distributor's name, trademark or identification mark; Type code or model specification; power supply voltage range. If the information is not complete, can not correctly guide consumer use, and some may even misuse and damage their matching electronic equipment, the common problem is no Chinese logo, no factory name or trademark, model code or model specifications.AC DC Power Adapter

The function of the power adapter is the transformation voltage, in the process of voltage conversion because of the existence of loss needs to consume a part of electrical energy, electrical energy into heat, a part of heat through radiation, convection, conduction three kinds of heat dissipation way to the surrounding environment, another part of the heat is absorbed by itself, so that The regularity of heat resistance of insulating materials indicates that the temperature of the equipment increases to a certain temperature, which leads to the rapid aging of insulating materials, shortens the test life of the products and reduces the safety. As a result, the temperature of the power adapter is only controlled within the appropriate range to ensure its safe and normal functioning.AC DC Power Adapter

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