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The Carrier Mode Of Usb Wall Charger

With the continuous development of society, the continuous improvement of living standards, the increasing intensity of work, mobile phones as a portable mobile communication equipment is increasingly becoming a daily necessities. With the wide range of mobile phones to promote, and the related consumables consumer goods will also rise.usb wall charger 

Charger (Power adapter) as a necessary for the supply of mobile phone battery power, its use as much as the mobile phone. How to reduce the no-load state of charger and the power consumption under full condition will become the problem that the whole society must face.usb wall charger

Mobile phone in no-load mode (charger plug in the wall socket, but not connected with the mobile phone, the consumption of electricity accounted for more than 60% of the total amount of energy used, that is, more than 3/4 of the phone power consumption is due to the phone full of electricity, users do not unplug the charger bolt caused by the current China has more than 600 million mobile phone users,usb wall charger 

This is a great waste. According to preliminary statistics, the mobile phone after charging does not pull the plug, the additional power consumption of more than 2 billion degrees a year, equivalent to the Gezhouba Hydroelectric station capacity of 4%.usb wall charger

Compared with the existing power off charger, the advantages of this product is not only in the case of full power automatic power off, but also in the person to unplug the phone can automatically power off, to achieve automatic power failure. After connecting the charger with the cell phone and the socket, the voltage is adjusted by the resistor to enter the voltage comparator with a smaller value, and the output of a nominal value is the normal charge of the cell phone. When the phone is full of electricity, there is a greater than the other end voltage into the voltage comparator, output 0V, at this time relay suction and armature, so that the circuit is disconnected, to achieve automatic power.usb wall charger

Circuit On-off control is realized by using micro relays. When not full of electricity, the upper armature suction, cell phone normal charge; When the charger is full of electricity, the upper armature is disconnected and the circuit is disconnected for an instant and the automatic power is realized.usb wall charger 

Use 22u/10v capacitance to control the stability of relay movements. Capacitance can be in a given potential difference of the charge, when the phone is not full, capacitance storage charge; When the battery will be filled, the capacitor emits charge, is the circuit current stability, the relay will not because the current instability and make the armature up and down swing, conducive to the realization of automatic power failure.usb wall charger

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