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The Gradual Popularization Of Usb Wall Charger

At present, PC (PC) has been widely used, and the USB interface has become one of the standard peripheral interfaces of PC. On the other hand, the use of lithium-ion batteries mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and other portable devices in a large number of emerging.usb wall charger However, how to use the ubiquitous computer USB interface to charge the lithium-ion battery for these devices is a hotspot in the application of USB interface at present. In view of this, this paper proposes 3 kinds of design schemes of lithium ion battery charging circuit based on USB interface, we can choose different scheme according to the actual situation of use, cost and so on to meet different requirements.usb wall charger

is a new type of battery which has been widely used in recent years, with small size, light weight, large capacity (high energy density), low self-discharge rate and no memory effect and other advantages, but it also has some fatal defects: the charge, discharge requirements are more stringent, can not overcharge and put over, or easily cause irreversible damage, in short circuit, In extreme cases, such as overcharge, it is possible to explode and to create danger. General lithium battery Tanji called voltage is 316~317v, when charging, the general requirements of the limited-pressure limiting flow method, the first constant current charge, that is, a certain charge current according to the national standard of the low rate of charge is 0.2C (Arbitration charging mode), the maximum no more than 1C; the battery voltage increases with the charging process. When the battery terminal voltage reaches the termination voltage 412±0105v, the constant current charge should be changed to the constant voltage small current (about 011C) charge, this state is generally called trickle charge state. Charging current according to the saturation degree of the core, as the charging process continues to decrease gradually, when the reduction to 0101C, the charge is terminated.usb wall charger USB uses a 4-pin plug as a standard plug to connect to external devices. In this 4-pin plug, there are two stitches for the data communication line, and the external side of the two pins to provide power to the outside equipment. According to the USB specification, each USB interface should be able to provide 500mA of current output; The minimum available voltage at the end of the connected peripheral is 4.5V, and the minimum provided by a USB-driven hub should be 4.35V. It is noteworthy that although the USB specification defines that the current ceiling provided must not exceed 015A, the actual output of the USB port often exceeds a few amps.usb wall charger

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