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Types Of Chargers

Chargers can be divided into travel charger, charger, USB charger and maintenance type charger

Mobile phone chargers

Phone case charger no difference overall appearance and cell phone products shell, mobile shell than ordinary

Through mobile phone shell slightly thicker. With a 2300mAh battery capacity, you can complete a charge, usually composed of lithium batteries or dry cells as a power storage unit.

Other chargers

General users is the front two kinds of contact. And sold on the market is the largest travel charger, travel charger also has a wide variety of forms, common type of cheap duck micro travel charger, ordinary desktop card charger, high-end desktop charger with LCD display. In view of the vast majority of mobile phone users are non-professional users, so the Chargers have full automatic stop function, and most of the travel are quick charger, charging time is about 1-3 hours. Many Chargers have prides itself on the market with micro-computer control, including some very cheap duck mini travel charger, but strictly from the charge circuit analysis, a small part of the charger can be truly called micro-computer control (controlled by single-chip microcomputer).

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