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USB Car Charger

              Car charger can not only through the vehicle adapter, cigarette smoke device for the mobile phone and other rechargeable, and can be the computer USB interface for mobile phone and other charges. Product Features: Different brands to the number of different joints, the support of mobile phone models are not necessarily, Connaught electronic car charger can be used in Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, iphone, Dopod, SonyEricsson and other mobile phone chargers or pod, PMP, PSP, NDS, PDAs, cameras and other digital products charge. Products through the CE certification, for the car Charger first-line brand, patented design, performance and stability, workmanship and design are top-notch, absolutely is the car's super necessary products. Technical parameters: Input: dc12v-24v (built-in fuse 2A); USB output: DC5.0v/max1000ma. Usage: 1, plug the USB power adapter into the cigarette lighter in the car, the indicator is on; 2, the use of USB cable and conversion connectors, the phone, MP3 or standard USB interface products with the car USB power adapter connection can be charged.Car Charger

              Car chargers are usually referred to as vehicle charging. The car charger is mainly used in the automobile GPS navigator. His exquisite design, small size, easy to carry, by the vast number of free driving love. The General Car Charger AC (input voltage) is 12v, DC (output voltage) is 5v, DC (output current) is $number Ma.Car Charger

              1. Computer automatic protection chip, no matter where you can safely use, for your equipment to provide perfect protection when charging. 2. Car charging plug construction, built-in fuse, too much pressure current, fuse automatic fuse, protect machine safety. 3. Car charger and USB interface, support a variety of USB interface power output. 4. Through the power output interface can be iphone/ipad charge.Car Charger

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