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Usb Wall Charger

            Today, almost all electronic products are equipped with a USB cable to recharge, and the place of the transfer power is often forgotten in the corner, which brings a problem: when there is no USB special interface, the electrical power is only sitting to "finish". This socket with a USB socket, on the basis of traditional sockets added two of USB interface, very in line with modern life needs, so that charging more easily and conveniently, can save a lot of trouble.usb wall charger

            This technology enables faster charging and longer battery life, allowing consumers to charge instantaneously via the USB interface on their phones. This information enables the system to intelligently charge the battery by determining the size of the charging current that it can import based on the type of USB connection available. According to the USB 2.0 specification, the maximum power supply current is 500mA when a portable device is connected to a USB host or hub. Now, the new specification for certifies allows devices to import more than the USB 2.0 specification and advocates that portable devices recognize three types of chargers: a strong current external charger (up to 1.8A), a USB host or a hub charger (up to 1.5A), and a standard USB host or hub (up to 500mA).usb wall charger

            In this paper, a mobile phone lithium battery charger with discharge function is introduced, and a "discharge appliance" is added in comparison with the products in the market. The actual efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, which are generally used for four or five years, has decreased, and the actual capacity can be increased by "discharging one charge" multiple cycles. Same。 The appliance can also be used for the new lithium-ion battery to discriminate, the effect is obvious, is said to be "killing each other".usb wall charger

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