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Usb Wall Charger Safe And Durable

usb wall charger Socket as a home essential supplies, to undertake a large number of electrical appliances, by the attention of each family, once damaged, will delay a lot of things can not run properly. Therefore, the user is not only concerned about whether the charge can be charged, as well as its safety, performance, durability, shape design, material, style and so on. As a well-known brand in the field of switching, usb wall charger Simon Electric recently launched i7 series of intelligent dual USB socket, much consumer attention. Its appearance in the product, neat, more wild style, especially for nowadays popular Jane Europe, modern and other home improvement style

1, the creative power socket and USB DC power socket combination, eliminating the need to carry USB charger or USB power supply with the computer trouble

2, simple and stylish, the international popular tough line design perfect interpretation of the modern aesthetics, suitable for all decorative style

3, the panel selection of imported high-quality PC material, high toughness, high impact, strong flame retardant properties

4, socket copper use of high-quality tin phosphor bronze,usb wall charger  high strength, good elasticity, no deformation, high electrical conductivity

5, usb wall charger can open the USB protection door, both from the role of protection USB interface, but also USB power switch. Open the protection door that is connected to the USB charging power, turn off that cut off the USB power supply, saving no-load power consumption

6, socket hole protection door, the use of double protection door design,usb wall charger  to prevent unipolar insert, protect family safety

7, low power LED charging indicator

8, with a multi-function 220V socket, you can use with the plug around the world

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